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The identity of the Artemide Group is historically founded on a set of values that have been pursued over the years by Ernesto Gismondi and protected by all of us; the same values that have enabled us to consolidate and enrich our corporate culture, oriented towards maximum transparency, legality, and ethics.

The update of the Whistleblowing Policy represents one of the tools Artemide relies on to monitor the application of these principles and to intervene promptly to ascertain any violations and limit behaviors not in line with Artemide's expectations.

For this reason, Artemide has expanded the violations provided by Legislative Decree 24/2023 to include any breaches of internal policies and procedures, extending the confidentiality protections and the prohibition of retaliation foreseen by the Whistleblowing legislation, and allowing anonymous reports.

Moreover, Artemide has chosen a web platform managed by an external company, the data related to the reports are not transmitted or managed through Artemide's servers, are encrypted and stored on GDPR-certified servers in Germany, to ensure maximum privacy and security.

Only the Report Managers, independent external subjects, competent and endowed with the necessary powers by the Board of Directors, have access to the report data, ensuring legal protections for both the reporters and the reported.