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Artemide App

For Artemide, man is at the centre of every project and this is the reasons why technology is interpreted through the desire to give everyone the opportunity to control their daily light scenarios. 
The Artemide App is a user-friendly and intuitive interface for light control, a tool that can be integrated with various products from both Architectural and Design catalogues. 

Artemide App is based on the BLL protocol which can be integrate with Wi-Fi technology for specific function.

Artemide App opens unexpected scenarios in all applications allowing accurate control of the quality of light offered by LED technology.
Artemide App creates value and allows the project to be innovative and future-proof.

Revolutionize the light management approach

A single User can manage up to 500 single or group luminaires. The Artemide App can be used both as a daily tool for private use and as a design variable for public spaces, where everyone can easily manage advanced, even complex lighting scenarios. 
Settings can be shared between multiple users, with different management levels, via the “cloud”.
The App revolutionizes the approach to lighting control, opens unexpected scenarios in applications such as hospitality, retail and museum spaces.

The App recognizes the installed lamp and allows the user to check its performance, pure in the case of a single emission, or hybrid in the case of more complex products.
Not only can the light be changed in real time, but it is also possible to use pre-configured scenarios and create new ones. Existing scenarios can be modified according to different needs. 
In the lighting design, maximum flexibility goes hand in hand with the innumerable possibilities of establishing a relationship with space.

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Artemide App can control even the more complex luminaires via a DALI-BLL interface.
Each interface can, in fact, manage up to 40 different addresses, individually or in groups.

Maximum freedom of installation

Artemide APP allows you to operate with minimum effort and a reduction in the costs of installation and maintenance, in projects which can range from simple use domestic to more complex installations such as buildings or retail or workplace environments, from pre-existing architectures bound in the design of the structure up to new designs concepts. 
The intervention is possible in any design phase and with extreme ease of integration with existing plants.

Multi - Network

The Multi - Network function allows you to reach Networks, for example, different floors in a building or different houses for each family, where the BLL connection beam is not able to act due to physical impediments.
The smart-device automatically connects to a gateway, set up in the environment, allowing the user to manage luminaires far away from him. 
Maximum freedom of control, from the broadcast management of the single Network to the punctual management of the single luminaire.

Ameluna App will soon be obsolete.
If have you purchased an Ameluna lamp before April 2018 and enrolled it in the Ameluna APP, please follow the RESET procedure to be able to control your Ameluna with Artemide App

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