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Tolomeo's efficiency

Tolomeo Illuminates the Future: A Sustainable Vision of Light

The entire Tolomeo LED collection is renewed to become even more sustainable with a significant reduction in consumption. Artemide is committed through research to a constant improvement of the characteristics of its products. The use of new, latest generation LED sources makes it possible to combine a reduction in consumption with an increase in the amount of light emitted. The result is evident in the surrounding environment: a more intense, natural and comfortable lighting that contributes to creating the perfect atmosphere.

The new Tolomeo also offers a better perception of colours thanks to a higher colour rendering index (CRI90). A sustainable icon of Artemide for its long life, use of recycled and recyclable material, easy to maintain and disassemble, Tolomeo now improves its environmental impact during use. The efficiency improvement of the Tolomeo family demonstrates that it is possible to illuminate more with less energy use, highlighting Artemide's concrete commitment to sustainability and continuous research for planet-conscious innovation.

Image of the Tolomeo table lamp.

LED image of the Tolomeo table lamp.

Image of the Tolomeo table lamp family.

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