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The new ADI

On the occasion of the exhibition "Marco Zanuso and Alessandro Mendini. Design and Architecture" curated by Pierluigi Nicolin, Nina Bassoli, Gaia Piccarolo and Maite García Sanchis Artemide illuminates the exhibition path with a lighting project that enhances the content and experience without interfering with the space.

A light grid supports a series of Vector spot which, thanks to the intelligent management with the Artemide App, can interact dynamically with the environment and calibrate the emissions to give the right value and accent to the exhibition narrative.

At the entrance to the exhibition, a scenographic installation of Discovery INTEGRALIS®, a project by Ernesto Gismondi winner of the Compasso d'Oro, welcomes the visitor in a safer space. In fact, now, through the results of Artemide's research, light can also sanitize spaces and bring people back to live them together in safety, thanks to the innovative INTEGRALIS® patented technology. Artemide researches and designs for a Human and Responsible Light, promotes a new sustainable and social dimension of living spaces thanks to a light that creates well-being and relationships between people and space.

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