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Practical guide to home illumination

The home, the area enclosed by the four walls of a dwelling, is an expression of the identity of its owner. It can be illuminated with original and imaginative solutions. In fact, we all tend, perhaps unconsciously, to make our home unique, to make it fit our individual requirements and preferences.
To do so, one may experiment tentatively, often making the right decisions, even without knowing the fundamental principles of lighting technology.
Home illumination therefore becomes an example of how subjective "casting light" on an interior can be. There is no true technique or set of rules on how to light a home. Some scientific and technical knowledge is nevertheless a useful, if not indispensable, instruments enabling us to achieve, rapidly and with a minimum of experiments, the light effects we desire in the space where we live our private life.

  • Light and its phenomena Light and its phenomena; human vision Read more
  • Planning illumination Planning home illumination; location of lamps; scenic effects; specific light planning Read more
  • The quality of light The quality of light; lamps; different types of appliances; light emissions; directing appliances Read more
  • Basic lighting technology Definitions and units of measurement of light Read more
  • Safety and quality Quality; protection index Read more
  • Decorating with light How to light rooms in a house Read more


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